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Impact windows are an excellent alternative to hurricane shutters or storm panels. Anchor Impact Windows and Doors, with an office in Miami, offers impact windows in both aluminum and vinyl frames. When struck by flying debris during a storm, impact windows are designed to stay in one piece, protecting your home from the devastating effects of high winds. At very competitive prices, you can purchase impact-resistant windows and doors and obtain the following important benefits:

24 HR Security and Hurricane Protection

Install our custom-designed impact windows and obtain 24-hour security and hurricane protection, avoiding the hassle of putting up and taking down storm panels. Hurricane windows are built with a PVB and/or SGP innerlayers sealed in between two layers of glass which makes break-ins or penetration much more difficult to occur. Although the laminated glass in our impact windows is not 100% burglar proof, it can serve as an excellent burglar deterrent. Statistically, burglars will be detoured 95% of the time once they discover that you have Impact Windows and Doors. Having impact windows and doors installed in your house can offer you the extra time your alarm system needs to advise the police in case of a break-in. Important disclaimer: Anchor Impact does not hereby claims or implies that impact windows and doors are fully burglar proof.

Improve your Energy Efficiency

Drop your utility bills and realize important electrical savings by installing our impact-resistant products, which are built of heavy-duty aluminum and vinyl frames with double-glazed panes. Equipped with the right glazing option, our impact windows are much more energy efficient than the existing single-glazed windows. Today, Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach homeowners prefer large panoramic openings that provide uninterrupted views. However, this architectural trend comes at an increased utility bill due to the greater sun exposures. Large, single-glazed windows allow heat or cold transfer from the outside to the inside of the property. In contrast, impact windows provide excellent insulating capabilities, helping isolate interior spaces from the outdoor weather changes and contributing to important utility bill savings.

Professional Installations and Project Management

Anchor Impact Windows has more than 5 years of successfully installing impact-resistant windows, doors, and storefront systems. We apply our expertise and knowledge from our construction company to our window business. Our team is trained and properly insured to perform complex installations. In addition, we have the equipment and personnel to perform opening alterations, such as reinforcing concrete/steel frames, building new frames or simply re-configuring existing frames.

Different Types of Impact Windows


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